Friday, April 2, 2010

A Long Time Coming...

I'm a bad blogger. So sue me.

Songs I'm currently obsessed with:

Kings and Queens (30 Seconds to Mars)

She's Got You High (Mumm Ra)

All The Right Moves (One Republic)

Nicest Thing (Kate Nash)

Animal (Neon Trees)

The Only Exception (Paramore)

Go listen to them. I love them all.


Vicki said...


Jilli said...

yes!!!!! i love that you have blogged. I listened to 30 seconds to mars [quite like] also i watched the music video for the paramore one and highly enjoyed it. please never go 5 months again, i'll sigh, i'll cry, i'll die.

Marleen said...

Love your mom's comment! Thanks for the list. I'm on it!

Jilli said...

Saaaraaaah... I am waiiiiting... to hear your riveting thoughts and impressions.